Record Entries

To claim a record your submission must be a minimum of 1cm larger and fit on the truth mat. This is because our mat's don't have mm on them and its hard to fairly judge on fish greater than the mat size.

You need a minimum of three photos, which you send to

Photo # 1: The Truth Mat picture is to be taken directly above with the head of the fish clearly on the board. The mat needs to be as flat as possible with the card easily visible.


Make sure nothing blocks the view of the fish, especially the important bits. The camera cord below is obstructing the measurement and costs this angler a 50 cm Bass.

Photo # 2: You must include a photo of yourself with your prized fish. Don't want to give away your secret spot? That's fine, just be aware of your background.

Photo # 3: The eye is where most entries fall short, it's the extra photo that is sometimes forgotten. The record submission will be void if the photo is cropped, resized or altered in any way.

QBA understand's that sometimes it's tough to get good photo's, especially from a kayak. Take lots of photo's with a high definition camera and send in as much as you like.