Rules for Fish Entries

Please note that all submissions must be of legal minimum size. Check the QLD Gov Rules here.


Two photo's should be taken, one with you holding the fish and the other with the fish on a Truth mat, clearly showing the length and your membership card. The Truth mat photo is compulsory, however, if you think it is not safe, you can leave out the self photo.

When taking the brag mat photo please ensure the following:

  • The Truth mat is on a flat surface with no folds
  • The head of the fish is against the board (zero end)
  • The fish is lying on its side (except for flathead)
  • The photo is taken directly above the fish fresh or alive.
  • The whole fish is in the photo (no head and then tail shots)


If the fish is a possible record, please refer to the Record Entries Page


Send all photo's to us at for verification. When you e-mail your photo's please put the proposed length and your membership name as the subject. When submitting photo's for the Mystery Length, Records, and Rocket Cash please let us know if you want them to be counted towards your QBA totals (unlimited upgrades).



Please note that QBA's decision as it pertains to any fish submission is final, and reserve the right to reject any fish.


If you have any further questions please send Matt a PM.



Each angler's largest fish will earn one point per centimeter. Some fish are capped however, as fish like Gold Spot Cod, Mangrove Jack and Trevally grow to massive sizes on our reefs, and this would disadvantage those who don't have the means to target them.

Click Here to see the eligible species and caps