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Australia's first and only online fishing tournament where real cash is won every month! We don't believe in asking for hundreds of dollars to enter only to give you the chance of winning some prizes you wouldn't want anyway. Just $20 gets you a spot on the team, and we pay CASH!  We realize Australia has many very talented angler's and we are in search for Queensland's best all round angler, and those who are just looking to have some fun fishing.


This site is about fishing, cash, and being part of a team of like minded people. The tournament starts on the 1st of January 2015 and concludes on the 31st of December 2015. You don't have to live in Queensland, just have access to the target species



 QBA will not be running in 2016. Thanks to everyone who has supported the comp over the last 4 years.





Congratulations to our top 3 leaderboard anglers


1st: Justin Reeves - 736

2nd: Braith Young - 673

3rd: Jason Spence - 621


The TT Random draw was won by  Allan Chapman


Barra Jacks Mystery Length was won by Steven Barnard



Last minute move for Braith into second with this 66cm barra.


Adam with his max points Trevally


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William adds a 60cm Flathead to his score.



Adam with a new Record tailor. This fish went 51cm


Braith with a massive 45cm bream.


Mark earns Max points for this flathead which he caught on a vibe won in QBA last year!


Bob upgrades his bass to this 52cm fish

Gavin upgrades his Golden perch with this 51cm fish

 Jason upgrades his bream to this 43cm version


Craig upgrades his Sooty Grunter and wins the June Mystery Length thanks to Barra Jacks Kawana.


Adam with a 35cm whiting


Tania upgrades her flathead to this 54cm version.

 Braith with a 90cm Blue Salmon

Steve earns maximum points for this Trevally

 The business end of Tren'ts 120cm Barra


 Shaun with a Record Bass at 55cm.


Mick with a cracka 41cm Bream

 Steve with a 41cm bream.


 Qld's best angler Braith adds this 65cm Toga to his tally.

Trent smashes the Queenfish Record with this 106cm Fish

 Jason crosses saratoga of the list with this very nice 75cm fish.


 Bob upgrades his Toga and his Record at the same time with this 76cm version.


Shaun has won over $4500 in cash during his QBA membership. Here he puts himself in with a chance to win another $50 thanks to Barra Jacks Kawana's Mystery Length.



Tania with a nice 65cm Barra.

Todd gets his Barra Jacks Mystery Length entry in with this bream


Ashley with a Record Red Emperor. This fish went 83cm and wins him cash every month until beaten.

Marc opens his QBA account with this 51cm Flathead

 Ken upgrades his Barra to this 112cm version.


Justin with his Record Snapper. This fish went 92cm


  Sean wastes no time in gettinghis Mystery Length in for March thanks to Barra Jacks Kawana.


Tania opens her QBA account with this 40cm bream


Mick adds this flathead and a bream to card.


 Steve upgrades his Mangrove Jack with this 54cm version.


Ken adds this 40cm Sooty to the list.

Jim adds this bass to the card to open up his 2015 campaign.


Bob adds more points. Pictured with a 95cm barra.

 Andrew with a 77cm barra


Adds more points with this 46cm Golden Perch

A very happy Todd with a 34cm whiting.

Craig has proven to be one of the best freshwater anglers in the state. Pictured with a 77cm cod which will certainly help his 2015 TT Invitational qualification.

 Andrew earns maximum points with this 60cm Estuary cod


Ken takes bream off the list with this 34cm Pikey


Steve with his 89cm Threadfin Salmon


Mick upgrades his Mangrove Jack to this 49cm version

Adam with a 33cm bream


Steve with a Mangrove Jack which earns him 52 points.


  Damien ticks barra off and goes into the draw to win $50 Cash thanks to Barra Jacks Kawana's Mystery Length


Bob is no stranger to quality fresh water fish. Pictured with a 76cm cod.


Dylan crosses mangrove jack of the list with this nice fish.

 Damien with a very nice 55cm Mangrove Jack

Tom with his Record 40cm  Bream

 Zayne wastes no time entering this 49cm Bass


Mick adds bream, flathead and this 78cm barra to his 2015 card.




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